Friday Night Indulgences: Triple Creme Brie with Adriatic Fig Compote and Macrona Almonds served with Chilled Organic Yaquti Grapes

A simple composition of individually superior ingredients

My Friday night posts have, so far, featured a series of utterly delicious but wholesomeness-devoid desserts. Although I love a White Russian Cupcake or a Peanut Butter and Honeycomb Tartelett as much as the next person, I thought tonight I’d share something a little bit different. I begin with cool, creamy triple-creme French Brie, smother it in an organic Adriatic fig compote imported directly from Croatia, finish it with sublime toasted Macrona almonds, and serve the whole with refreshing and unbelievably good organic grapes. This dish makes an ideal cheese course after dessert at a very formal dinner however is sweet and crowd-pleasing enough to serve as a dessert in it’s own right. I found it paired wonderfully with a glass of French Chablis but it’s really screaming for a nice tawny port or madeira. However you enjoy it the fact of the matter is you will enjoy it…this combination is practically perfect in every way.

Begin with a nice, balanced, triple-creme brie. You don't want anything too earthy for this dish because the function of the brie is solely to cut the sweetness of the compote with creaminess and to marry the toasty-nuttyness of the almonds. A brie too flavorful will detract from the effect.

I used this Organic Adriatic Fig Spread for the compote portion, it is available at the cheese counter at any Whole Foods Market

For my plating I cut the brie into about 1 1/2-inch wedges, keep the rind is 100% edible and gives the dessert much-appreciated structure and texture when you eat it. Cut the grapes into small clusters and form a neat, concentrated pile behind the brie wedges

Spread a generous amount over the face and sides of each brie wedge

With clean hands shingle the almonds over the face of the brie wedge, the compote will hold them in place.

Voilà! Chill in the refrigerator for about two hours before serving, this dish is most delicious and refreshing when served perfectly chilled. Enjoy!


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