The Los Angeles Breakfast-Table Debut


When I was leaving San Francisco for Los Angeles I sold my dining room table. In a characteristically San Francisco moment of serendipity the response from Craigslist I got was from the owner of Ritual Roasters in The Mission where the husband of my partner (Amanda) and I’s colleague was then representing Ritual at the World Barista Conpetition. Amanda and I are big fans of Ritual coffee and I was able to work out a trade of coffee for furniture, which has made the first several months of my southern California transplant far more enjoyable. This morning we’re enjoying a press of Ethiopian Koke. The elegant, buttery, and lemony qualities of this highly representative Ethiopian coffee paired perfectly with a ruby red grapefruit and toasted, buttered slices of Hanoverian white bread. Good morning, Los Angeles!


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by | December 30, 2011 · 4:53 pm

One response to “The Los Angeles Breakfast-Table Debut

  1. What a lovely way to “jump start” a leisurely Friday morning!

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