Who We Are

Reclaiming the Good Name of the Epicurean is a blog dedicated to the love of good food and drink. We are reclaiming the good name of the epicurean because the parlance of our time leads many to confuse an epicurean for a “foodie.” Foodies are the culinary equivalent of a groupie, they wallow in a cursory understanding of food, run in the direction of every fad, depend on cookbooks and Food Network to tell them what to eat and what to drink, buy unnecessary gadgets to replace fundamental cooking abilities, and wander through markets and restaurants with a superficial “love” of food but have no understanding of its soul. An epicurean, on the other hand, is one who’s love of food and drink transcends fads and social mores and situates at the deepest level of his or her being. An epicurean’s love manifests in an obsession for quality ingredients, a thirst for knowledge about preparation, and a soulful abandon in the quest for flavor. The true epicurean is not an elitist in his or her taste because the true epicurean knows that in context a shining table wine is on par with a celebrated Burgundy and that there is a time and a place for a perfect hamburger just as there is a time and a place for the perfect boeuf bourguignon.

This blog is a place where the epicurean’s passions meet an affection for the greater world of art, music, and literature. We believe that food itself, as an art form, is an outward and visible representation of not only culture, place, and time but of something deeper, of the soul itself. Good food, in its infinite manifestations is a form of art which can be smelled, seen, tasted, and heard. It lives here and we invite you to take a moment and lose yourself in the wonder with us.


3 responses to “Who We Are

  1. I love it. What a brilliant approach to food. I was writing a post for One Man’s Meat over the weekend (posting this Friday at 7.30PM Dublin time) where I admit to being a gadget minimalist. I even manage a slight swipe at my beloved Mother In Law and her electric pepper mill.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Manuel Ortiz

    Hello, my name is Manuel Ortiz. I wanted to know if you trained under Glenn Wielowsinski from Chicago, Illinois.

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