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Hump Day Vices: Les Demoiselles de Falfas Bordeaux paired with with Fromi Mon Sire Camembert

Autumn is very much here and the nip in the evening air stands as the harbinger of winter coming soon. As we begin to bundle up our palates too long for something warming. I can think of no better pairing to welcome the coming season than refined, bright, and spicy Les Demoiselles Bordeaux paired with decadently buttery rich Fromi Mon Sire Camembert. Do yourself a favor and indulge a little bit!

The Wine

Tasting Notes:

Wine: Les Demoiselles

Vintage: 2009

Price: $17.99

Producer: J et V Cochran

Region & Country: Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux, France

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Place and Date Purchased: 10/31/11 Whole Foods Market – Santa Monica, CA

Place and Date Tasted: 11/1/11 The Mesch-Ruskin Home – San Marcos, CA

Appearance: Striking appearance, brilliant ruby red with decently strong legs

Please forgive the dark background!

Nose: Raisins, Cassis, Rosemary, Sage, Rose Hips, Dry Toast

Taste: Elegantly light with cranberry tart/sweet and warm cinnamon spice

Finish: Medium-long with progressively intense tannin

Overall Impression: Les Demoiselles is a resplendent example of all that is best in Côtes de Bourg. The tradition of wine production in this small part of Bordeaux dates all the way back to the Romans and in the thousands of years wine makers have been perfecting their craft here they have developed a distinct, extremely elegant, balanced, and delicious characteristic for their wine. Les Demoiselles demonstrates all of these good qualities.

Food Pairing: The spice and tannin in Les Demoiselles makes it a perfect partner to any holiday dinner…be it a prime rib roast, roast ham with mango chutney, roast turkey with cranberry sauce, or something even more daring like a roast duckling. What you’re looking for with respect to pairing is fat, spice, and complimentary herbs. A creamy camembert is the ideal cheese to highlight the wine’s taste while reciprocally complimenting the cheese’s high fat content.

Overall Rating (out of 100 points): 87

Overall Value (1-5 stars): 4 stars

The Cheese

Fromi Mon Sire Camembert

Cheese Name: Mon Sire

Date and Place Purchased: 10/31/11 Whole Foods Market – Santa Monica, CA

Type of Milk Used: Bovine

Place of Origin: France

Producer: Fromi

Cheesemonger: Gladys Hernandez

Food Pairing: Dried fruits, rosemary, toasted nuts, toasted bread

Mon Sire is perfectly suited to Leslie Stowe's Raincoast Crisps, particularly Rosemary-Cranberry-Pecan

Wine Pairing: Any full-bodied, tannic red wine

Tasting Notes: Buttery smooth, sweet, and delicious

Rating (1-10): High 10


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